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Flow Sport uses leading-edge science to train coaches and managers how to maximize their athlete's performance.

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The footballer mental health crisis worsens

Do you believe the deterioration of the mental health in athletes is an issue and more has to be done to ensure success on and off the field? A 2017 study revealed that 37% of European professional footballers had symptoms of anxiety and depression. And experts believe that number has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

If there was an option that would dissolve mental health burnout that could be added to any process, would it not be wise to find out more to benefit everyone?

Gordon Smith on Flow Sport, With Colin Stevenson - Part 1
Gordon Smith on Flow Sport, With Colin Stevenson - Part 2

Gordon Smith with Flowcess revolutionizes professional sports

Flow Sport is introducing proven leading-edge science into the world of sports. Gordon and Libby Smith have teamed up with Flowcess LLC, an American technology and consulting company who have numerous trade secrets of the only non-contradictory model for the mind and brain.

Flow Sport has launched a program that will train all coaches and managers on how to put professional athletes into flow intentionally utilizing their unique thought process, proving that it takes more than training, skill, and diet. The guarantee is that by learning this information, there will be greater performance levels, less injuries (both physical and mental), and the best communication possible raising the morale in each athlete and the team as a whole. The effects will impact both work and home life, to ensure balance in their uniqueness of self.

With the extensive knowledge of the mind and brain, Flow Sport provides the most comprehensive and fun trainings to ensure athletes can move into and stay in flow and to ensure they have the energy to perform at their highest level at all times.

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