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Meet our players!

Meet Flow Sport's elite team! Each member of the Flow Sport is an expert in helping professional athetes perform their best on and off the field.

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith

Gordon’s successful career led him from Player, to Assistant Manager, to Agent, and to being Chief Executive of the Scottish Football Association. Gordon then moved into the role of Director of Football, while always maintaining a close relationship with TV, Radio and Newspapers to this day and being a trusted figure in Analytics and commentary.

As a passionate advocate for athletes and the sports industry, Gordon pursued Psychologists, Sports Psychologists and many other professionals to help improve the lives of the whole athlete, due to his own experiences and witnessing the challenges of these elite players over his career. He said "Rather than try and change sports , I'd love to impact the training, so that we can all take sports to the next level."

Gordon has always said an athlete’s success depends on ability, athleticism, and mental mindset. Gordon believed that the third element has been ignored and has never stopped looking for the answer.

Libby Smith

Libby Smith

Growing up in a sports family with a professional athlete as a father, Libby’s passion for the sport started young as she watched Gordon’s career up close. She focused this passion on helping to improve the vitality of others through her fitness and nutrition programs.

Libby is trained in the Flowcess methods and values how it improves the whole person mentally, emotionally, and physically. She exclaimed "This is what is missing in life, and not just sports! I am positive that with this information, we can help all athletes, coaches and managers reach the next level, as well as benefit their families which I have such a heart for having myself grown up in the professional sports arena!"

Colin Stevenson

Colin Stevenson

Colin is the Scottish flow expert for Flowcess and one of only three people in the world to be able to deliver the information at the elite trainer level. Over the last four years, Colin has helped so many people learn to intentionally flow, from all walks of life including coaches, managers, mentors, parents, and individuals and helped them gain a life altering perspective on themselves and others.

After a fateful meeting with Gordon and Libby, there was no other option but to join together and collaborate to help improve the world of sports and ensure all athletes are able to get into flow mentally and physically, so they can enjoy a prosperous career. He explains "Athletes have a tremendous amount of pressure to perform week in and week out. It can be challenging to not only manage their very busy and full lives, but also for many needing to balance their family life also! I am delighted to have invested years of my life learning and working with Flowcess, so that we can help transform these players and teams, and support them as they live their best life. They are people first, then they are their career. We can show them how to balance it all!"

Stefan Taylor

Over the last 23 years Stefan has created a unique system for optimising human performance, bringing together cutting edge science of how the mind and body must work in harmony to create the desired winning outcome over and over again.

Stefan is a ‘go to’ for individuals at the top of their profession, helping them understand how they can take themselves to the next level in their chosen field. He has worked with CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Racing Drivers and Olympians alike.

Showing them how to uncover the most difficult aspect of tapping into marginal gains and that is how to identify subconscious barriers to the performance, to implement a guaranteed system for change and how this change influences future victories.

Stefan said: "The missing piece of the puzzle is often overlooked with traditional methods of coaching and training and leads to a greater level of self imposed stress and performance is adversely affected.

A fundamental understanding of human programming gives rise to individuals understanding how to de-program and reprogram with greater clarity as a whole and when it is achieved, repeated marginal gains are experienced within the person and the team or group.

The future of winning has never been so exciting for so many who choose to explore it.”