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Flowcess LLC is an American technology and consulting company who have numerous trade secrets of the only non-contradictory model for the mind and brain.

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John Lenhart

John Lenhart

John Lenhart is the scientist behind the Flowcess LLC model which has been developed over 25 years of research. Using his degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, John has created the model for the mind and brain and also many consumer products through formulation, resulting in many awards and patents, including the Dow Chemical Central Research Inventor of the Year award at the age of just 27!

John's model explained the pioneering concept of adaptation and habituation, while dealing with research as to how the human brain and nose are connected, and this led to the information being immediately classed as a trade secret! With this information, John realised everyone had the wrong model for the mind and brain! More information is available at the Flowcess Blog

Just one of John's success stories was in 2015 as he was working with a division III American college football team that had placed 68th nationally the previous year in scoring defense. After John applied his model, the impact was immediate and the team ranked 6th that year! Not only jumping 62 places in rankings, the coach he helped was offered a place in division I (the highest level of college American Football). There are many success stories and John will continue to impact teams, while partnering with Flow Sport.

Flow Sport is delighted to be partnered with Flowcess to utilise the expertise of both parties. This is the game changer in sport that the world has been waiting for and the beginning of a new age when we will see higher performance levels while improving the lives of all involved!